Andrea Thompson has been a licensed massage therapist in Oregon since 1999, and she has been dancing in some form since she stepped foot outside of the womb. Her practice focuses on teaching Menstrual and Womb Wisdom, assisting pregnant mommas as they transition, helping babies integrate into the world, and resolving trauma and restrictions in the body via Craniosacral Therapy and Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®. Offering Ecstatic Dance at Flying Tortoise for POC in the Portland area is an extension of her desire to facilitate healing in others by helping them to tap deeply into their own body’s inherent wisdom.

The Ecstatic Dance events: are solely for People of Color. Many of us have been feeling the intensity of these hard times, and this is our chance to gather together and use the dance floor as our outlet, sanctuary, and playground. No matter what your level of dance experience, know that you are welcome! Allow your body to flow with the music as it takes you on a free-form journey of self-expression, healing, and bliss without fear of judgment or expectations.

Cost: $7 - $15 sliding scale

Schedule: We start with 20min of warm-up time and an opening circle, followed by about 80min of dance, and 10min of closing circle.

Please Note: No shoes, no alcohol, and no talking on the dance floor (though vocal expression is totally acceptable.) Please respect others space/process. Only consensual is play allowed.

*Event Dates: These events are once / month. Please scroll ahead to future weeks to see future events.