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Li TaiJi

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Joey Haber began his study of the martial arts 1988. In the years since, he has been consistently dedicated to his training. In 2010 Josef graduated with honors from Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, CA and returned to Portland. Later that year he founded his schools of BaGuaZhang and Capoeira

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Kung Fu Experience

Josef has been teaching martial arts since 2001.  His dedication to BaGuaZhang lead him and his wife, Kate to China for the first time in 2012.  He has been training 2 months / year in Beijing ever since.  The meaningful relationships with his Chinese family and his multiple Beijing lineage ceremonies enrich and inform more than just Josef's KungFu. He and his family are dedicated to preserving the transformative martial arts and the spirit of good kung fu training seen in the Temple of Heaven: BaGuaZhang, XingYiQuan, SanHuang PaoChui and DaBeiChuan. For lineage information, please see the 'artforms' menu.

Teaching Style

As a teacher Joey is respectful, informal and open.  He believes the secrets of good KungFu should be shared avidly.  Classes are open to all. Senior students are encouraged to teach.  Josef trains almost every day in Seawallcrest Park where his students are welcome.  In Beijing, park training is the foundation for the hard work, accessibility and cross style collaboration.

The Flying Tortoise youtube channel is an example of his desire to share all he has learned and continues to learn in the Temple of Heaven.  The goal of his pursuits is to create more teachers who will perpetuate these meaningful arts.

Capoiera Experience

Joey (Also known by his Capoeira name: Santo) was first exposed to capoeira in 2000 in Portland Oregon. In 2002 Josef met Mestre Batata of Capoeira Besouro and was immediately impressed by how Mestre Batata seamlessly blended the beauty and the combat elements of the art. He and his wife, Kate can be seen using capoeira to playfully beat up on eachother in parks and livingrooms.

He has taught classes in Mestre Batata's academy, The Inosanto AcademyCapoeira Besouro Japan,The Source Academy with Joe Heller as well as numerous colleges and elementary  schools.

Private Lessons

For private lessons at $60/hr please email Joey:  

Forms in Joey's Mind Palace

XingYiQuan Empty Hand Forms:

  • Twelve animals (ShrErDongWu)

  • Five element Fist (WuXingQuan)

DabeiQuan Form:

  • Great Mercy Fist (DaBeiQuan)

Li TaiJi

  • Spring

  • Summer

SanHuangPaoChuiQuan Empty Hand Forms:

  1. First Form (YiLiu)

  2. Second Form (ErLiu)

  3. Third Form (SanLiu)

  4. Fourth Form (SiLiu)

  5. Fifth Form (WuLiu)

SanHuangPaoChuiQuan Weapon Forms:

  • Flower Spear (HuaQiang)

  • Dragon Spear (LongQiang)

  • Single Saber

  • Single Saber: 18 LoHan

  • Double Saber Drills


Cheng BaGuaZhang Basics:

  • Stance in Single Leg Form (ZhanYiTui)

  • Stance in Double Leg Form (ZhanLiangTui)

  • Drill, Coil, Split (ChuanKoPi)

Cheng BaGuaZhang Empty Hand Forms:

  • Eight Palms, Fist and Elbows (BaQuanBaZhangBaZhou)

  • Old 8 Palms (LaoBaZhang)

  • Four sides Four corners (SiJiaoSiYu)

  • 24 Animals

Cheng BaGuaZhang Weapons Forms:

  • Linking Single Taper Staff (Gun)

  • Rolling Hands Dao Curved Long Sword (Dao)

  • Spear (TiLuZhuiHunQiang)

  • Turn Around Spear (Qiang)

  • Turning Strait Sword (Jian)

  • Spring and Autumn Pole-axe (GuanDao)

  • Cheng Pole-axe (GuanDao)

  • Five Element One Meter Stick (WuXingBong)

  • Large Spear

  • "2nd Stright Sword Form" (Jian)

Liang BaGuaZhang Empty Hand Forms:

  • Fixed Eight Palms (DingShiBaZhang)

  • Old Eight Palms (LaoBaZhang)

  • Sixty four Palms (LiuShrSiZhang)

  • Interlocking Rings (LiangHuangZhang)

  • Dragon Body Shape (LongXingZhang)

Liang BaGuaZhang Weapon Forms:

  • Seven Star Bamboo Stick (QiXingGar)

  • Seven Star Bamboo Stick2 (QiXingGar)