Fritz Rice's martial art career started early and has spanned practice in art form mother countries from India to China.  His friendship with Joey as well as his knowledge of Beijing language and culture have propelled Flying Tortoise forwards.  Since 2014, Fritz has joined Joey every year in Beijing to train at the Temple of Heaven.  

In Seattle, Fritz studies Chen TaiJiChuan under Master Derryl Willis.  Fritz will be traveling from Seattle to Portland about once a month to teach Chen TaiJiChuan (Tai Chi) at Flying Tortoise.  During his says in Portland he will also be able to offer private lessons.  First class will be July 23, 2017 1:00-3:00pm.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are available the days when Fritz is teaching and are $60.  If you are interested in scheduling private Chen TaiJi lessons with Fritz, please email him at