Kelly Criglow has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She is a graduate of Portland Yoga Arts Advanced studies and has been teaching yoga since 2008.  Kelly presents the Yoga for Core strength class to help students develop a strong foundation for their everyday lives as well as their yoga practices.  She's eager to help you find the strength within and bring that vitality to your muscles, bones and joints. 

*Please e-mail me for class inquiries as my class is usually full.


Yoga for Core Strength: Suitable for all levels and even for non-yogis, this class will focus on building strength in the core of the body. Each class will feature work for the upper body, back and abdominal muscles. The intent will be to build the strength, flexibility, alignment and awareness in the core body to stay upright and strong in our daily life. This is not an asana (yoga poses) class, but will prepare the body’s infrastructure for a deeper asana practice. Designed to assist all bodies in the on-going fight against gravity. Got Strength?