Xiao Fritz Haber

Xiao Fritz Haber


It all started when...

Flying Tortoise Kung Fu was founded by husband and wife team: Kate and Joey Haber.  After 9 years training BaGuaZhang in Los Angeles they made their first trip to China in April 2013.  Together they run Laurelhurst Family Clinic, Flying Tortoise Kung Fu and Flying Tortoise Food Carts.

In 2012 they moved the classes from the local park to the basement of their house.  In 2014 the school moved to its permanent home at 4400 NE Glisan. Classes continue to expand to meet the needs of our student base.

Together Kate and Joey have a spicy daughter (born 2014) and will have a TBD son (expected November 2018).

  It is the mission of Flying Tortoise Kung Fu to cultivate a safe and supportive environment for learning authentic martial arts.