Our Martial Arts offerings are diverse and numerous. We developed this page to help you easily compare styles and unpack the ones you have interest in.


Ba Gua Zhang: “The scholar’s martial art”

BaGuaZhang became famous throughout Northern China as a martial art for bodyguards, palace guards and intellectuals. BaGuaZhang is characterized by rapid changes in direction and sophisticated footwork as well as devastating strikes and throws. For health BaGuaZhang is phenomenal. The footwork is gentle on the joints and promotes a deep sense of balance. XingYi is included in BaGua classes

San Huang Pao Chui Quan: “ Explosive Internal Power Generation”

The millennium old style San Huang Pao Chui became famous in Northern China as a style for bodyguards. The study of Pao Chui makes the development of internal power accessible to any student willing to perfect the basics.

Li TaiJi (Tai Chi): “Power Through Alignment”

Li TaiJi is a beautiful and rare TaiJi system. Based off of early Yang TaiJi and is heavily influenced by BaGua, XingYi and LoHan.

Sanda: “Chinese MMA”

Developed by the Chinese Military, Sanda is a rigorous system of boxing, kickboxing and wresting. It has a strong foundation in traditional Chinese Kung Fu carrying traditional principles into full contact applications. Full contact Sanda competitions are common in China.

Capoeira: “Do Like Tekken”

Capoeira is a dynamic 500 year old Afro-Brazilian marital art from Brazil. There is no better martial art for cultivating gender equality, community and respect. The practice of Capoeira quickly increases strength and flexibility and a sense of body awareness.

Kung Fu Warm-Ups: “Traditional KungFu Strength and Sweat”

Dynamic movements, Kicking Drills, Weapons Strength Training and Conditioning exercise from BaGua, PaoChui, and Sanda.

Qi Gong: “Qi Cultivation”

Qi Gong is a system of traditional exercises which emphasizes deep tendon and fascia strengthening, coupled with dynamic motion, long periods of standing, breath work, shaking, sensing and visualization.

Ro Lan Do: is a humorous made up art-form dedicated to a dear friend of ours whom we wish would move to Portland.

WuLong: coming soon