West Gate Project

It is the goal of The West Gate Project to preserve and perpetuate the history, science and uniquely collaborative culture of traditional Chinese martial arts in the Temple of Heaven.

Vision notes:

-Bring masters to the states and showcase them in workshops around the Pacific Northwest

-Bring students to the masters and expose them to the culture and training regimen

-Record previously undocumented histories of northern Chinese martial arts

-Document and publish current details of bagua, xingyi, paochui, etc

-Conferences to expand network and expose American kungfu culture to West Gate model of cooperation

-partner with aligned 501(c)3s to expand our reach


What we do:

-Set up master workshops in the states (airfare, homestay, teaching space)

-Set up educational/training trips to Temple of Heaven (airfare, hotel, transportation)

-Document history and practice (video, written, film)

-Disseminate the practice and culture to the public in the traditional mode (park teaching model, sliding scale, cooperative model)

-Find and develop the next generation of masters


Why we are uniquely suited to this project:

-Unique access to source material

-Demonstrated work ethic in the traditional manner (7 hours of training a day)

-Expanding network of practitioners and instructors

-Youngest and sometimes only students of “forgotten masters”

-Only students to bridge schisms between styles

-Rare healthy attitude toward martial arts (collaboration, cooperation, mutual respect)


-we have formal family Lineage

-Perpetuating the art and culture through instruction (17 years of teaching experience)