2017 BaGua Jian Workshop

2017 BaGua Jian Workshop: 9 hours of park workshop yielded a complete 4 minute straight sword form. The touchup workshops will start in about 30 days.  Happy practicing!


Grand Master ZhangZongYi

 ZhangZongYi is an 8th generation SanHuangPaoChui master as well as an avid Cheng TaiJi enthusiast. Zhang ShrYe (grandfather teacher) is a masters master. At 74 He is the most senior and respected of the West Gate Masters

Master LiuMenGen teaches Kate Haber Gun(staff) 2013

 Kate Haber learning BaGuaZhang single taper staff The Temple of Heaven from Cheng BaGuaZhang 5th Generation co-banner holder LiuMenGen. At this time Liu Shrfu was 73 years old and still impressively powerful. It was a great honor getting to spend two weeks studying under him.

Josef and Fritz with their teachers

From Left to right Josef Haber, 6th Generation BaGuaZhang Master NiRunHua, 9th Generation SanHuangPaoChui master WangQi and Fritz Rice.

The Kung Fu Families make peace

In this photo 8th Generation SanHuangPaoChui master ZhangZongYi and 6th Generation Cheng BaGuaZhang master NiRunHua are shown in a rare group photo with their American Students Fritz Rice and Josef Haber.

The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven or TianTan is a square mile temple complex that is home to one of the greatest concentrations of Internal Kung Fu masters in Beijing. 

ZhangXueAn and students 2014

5th Generation Shrfu ZhangXueAn and his first American students Fritz Rice left and Josef Haber Right.


3rd Generation Liang Banner Holder LiZiMing demonstration his BaGuaZhang at The Temple of Heaven. Li Zi Ming is largely responsible for the survival of Liang Style BaGuaZhang during the Cultural Revolution.