Three Emperors Cannon Punch

or San HaungPaoChuiChuan.

SanHuangPaoChui, though little known outside of China, is a famously combative style in Beijing with strong roots in both sport fighting and bodyguard work. Characterized by powerful, explosive strikes and rapid flexible footwork SanHuangPaoChui is the perfect style for any student looking to bridge the gap between the artistry of classical KungFu and the pragmatics of combat.

SanHaungPaoChui can trace some history back over 1,000 years to the earliest days of formal Kung Fu practice. Though much of what we know about the early iterations of the art are suspect, it is widely believed that SanHuangPaoChui was instrumental in the foundation of Shaolin WuShu. The modern incarnation of SanHaungPaoChui is a little over 360 years old and began in the late Ming Dynasty.

At The Flying Tortoise Academy we are under the instruction of 9th Generation GrandMaster and Banner holder (style inheritor) WangQi. Wang Shrfu along, with his “Uncle”, 8th Generation Master ZhangZongYi are chiefly responsible for the SanHaungPaoChui education of Flying Tortoise Instructor Josef Haber and his training Brother Fritz Rice.

Both of these great masters teach out of TianTan (The Temple of Heaven) in Beijing and have generously spent countless hours with both Josef Haber and Fritz Rice over their many training trips.

 Lineage: In September of 2016 both Fritz and Josef received formal lineage from Grand Master Wang Qi and become official members of the 10th Generation. Due to the loss of his right eye, Josef was not able to fly out for his ceremony.  Derek Bradley can be seen in the Chinese press release standing in for Josef

North American Association: Fritz and Josef have also been requested by Grand Master Wang Qi to lead the North American San Huang Pao Chui Association