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Flying Tortoise Kung Fu Forms List 2017

Cheng BaGuaZhang Basics:

  • Stance in Single Leg Form (ZhanYiTui)
  • Stance in Double Leg Form (ZhanLiangTui)
  • Drill, Coil Split (ChuanKoPi)

Cheng BaGuaZhang Empty Hand Forms:

  • Eight Palms, Fist and Elbows  (BaQuanBaZhangBaZhou)
  • Old 8 Palms (LaoBaZhang)
  • Four sides Four corners (SiJiaoSiYu)

Cheng BaGuaZhang Weapons Forms:

  • Linking Single Taper Staff  (Gun)
  • Rolling Hands Dao Curved Long Sword (Dao)
  • Spear (TiLuZhuiHunQiang)
  • Turn Around Spear (Qiang)
  • Turning Strait Sword (Jian)
  • Spring and Autumn Pole-axe (GuanDao)
  • Cheng Pole-axe (GuanDao)
  • Five Element One Meter Stick (WuXingBong)

Liang BaGuaZhang Empty Hand Forms:

  • Fixed Eight Palms (DingShiBaZhang)
  • Old Eight Palms  (LaoBaZhang)
  • Sixty four Palms (LiuShrSiZhang)
  • Interlocking Rings (LiangHuangZhang)

Liang BaGuaZhang Weapon Forms:

  • Seven Star Bamboo Stick (QiXingGar)
  • Seven Star Bamboo Stick2 (QiXingGar)

XingYiQuan Empty Hand Forms:

  • Twelve  animals (ShrErDongWu)
  • Five element Fist (WuXingQuan)

DabeiQuan Form:

  • Great Mercy Fist (DaBeiQuan)


SanHuangPaoChuiQuan Empty Hand Forms:

  1. First Form (YiLiu)
  2. Second Form (ErLiu)
  3. Third Form (SanLiu)
  4. Fourth Form (SiLiu)
  5. Fifth Form (WuLiu)

SanHuangPaoChuiQuan Weapon Forms:

  • Flower Spear (HuaQiang)
  • Dragon Spear (LongQiang)


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  • $60 first month unlimited classes
  • $15 1-hr drop in / $18 1.5-hr drop in
  • $130 10-hour card (no exp)
  • $220 20-hour card (no exp)
  • $280 40-hour card (exp 60 days)