I am immensely fortunate to have joined a community of martial artists through Flying Tortoise Kung Fu. It is a school that draws from an authentic lineage, yet is accessible to those with limited and no expertise. Bagua is not a martial art for everyone; but those seeking this rare, multilayered, and body strengthening style should consider taking classes from an authentic school such as Flying Tortoise Bagua. Other classes are offered at the school to provide a well-rounded approach to Kung Fu: powerful Xingyi Quan and San Huang Pao Chui, peaceful Zen Taichi, Martial Arts Weapons, and essential Ji Ben Gong.

Joseph and Kate Haber are warm, intelligent, and patient teachers. Rob Richardson is a brilliant “mad scientist” of Kung Fu, and has a creative knack for pedagogy.

Most classes are 1 hour to 2 hours long. Kung Fu is hard work! Be prepared for a work out, but the payoff is well worth it! Beginners and students that are physically strained are encouraged to only participate when comfortable; class participation does not promote recklessness which can result in injury.

The tenured students are die-hard, experienced martial artists. They come from diverse martial arts backgrounds; but commonly are disciplined, unpretentious, and hard working.

Training at this school can give you critical tools to be a competent fighter; but those familiar with Qigong may benefit from its elegant body-fortifying forms that are analytically engaging as well. Baguazhang has upgraded my general health, aligned several spinal/leg/joint issues, and cured my hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!!! (the last one is a joke, I am deathly afraid of big words.)

Come be a part of this school if you are looking to improve your health and if you enjoy martial arts!

P.s. The school also offers classes for Capoeira! It is a part of Associacão do Grupo Capoeira Besouro. Come take classes if you enjoy: fun, dancing, and frightening your enemies with beautiful kicks!