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2019 Flying Tortoise Retreat

June 29 - July 2, 2018 (Friday - Monday)


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Join us for our Flying Tortoise Kung Fu Retreat June 29-July 2 of 2018!  We have secured cabin #4 and we have space for 9 students.  The off grid facility is a 3 mile walk from a parking lot near the main road. Visit Opal Creek: Jawbone Flats for facility information.


  • Check-in Friday, June 29th before 7pm

  • Training Schedule: Saturday and Sunday will be ~6 hour training days

  • Check-out Monday, July 2nd 11:00am.


Must have been a student at Flying Tortoise for 6+ months

Or have special permission from Joey



  • Suggest 1 focus: ie the 64

  • Ji Ben Gong

  • Kung Fu Warmups

  • Ba Gua Zhang

  • San Huang Pao Chui Quan

  • Xing Yi Quan

  • Fundamentals, Forms, Weapons

  • Beijing Training Culture and Etiquette

  • Beijing Family History

  • Beijing Terminology

Packing List / Instructions


All cars at the trailhead must have a US Forest Service Northwest Forest Pass. Passes cost $5 per day (so $20 total for workshop) and are available at the gate in a self-serve kiosk, or as a $30 annual pass available at many outdoors retailers. If you are planning to buy the pass when you arrive, you must have the appropriate amount of cash with you. The Forest Service will ticket your vehicle if you are not displaying a pass.

The Forest Service limits the number of cars that may park at the trailhead. We have 4-5 spaces reserved. Please chip in some cash for your carpool driver.


As stewards of the remote and pristine Opal Creek watershed, we do our best to minimize vehicle use on the road into Jawbone Flats, which also serves as a popular hiking trail. Help us reduce the number of gear shuttles by packing your gear into Jawbone, or packing lightly.

  • » All able-bodied participants must hike the 3.1 miles from the gate at the trailhead parking area to Jawbone Flats.

  • » Arrival: to to get your gear on the shuttle, arrive by 5pm Friday.  We suggest a 1:30pm or sooner leave time.  We will start walking in shortly after everyone's gear is loaded.  We will arrive at cabin #4 around 6:30 and start cooking dinner.

  • » Please pack lightly. Limit baggage to two bags per person (not including food) so that we can limit shuttle trips.  Share coolers when possible.

  • » Departure: Have your packed bags in front of the cabin by 10:00am Monday with the provided ribbon tied to it.  Write your car model and color on ribbon.  We will start walking to the parking lot at 10:15am.  The shuttle will meet us at your car at 12:00.  The drive to PDX will have your full return time at 2:30ish.



Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center an off-the-grid location.  They produce all their power on site through solar and hydroelectric systems. Power outages, lasting from a few minutes to several hours, are possible. Please come prepared with battery-powered lanterns or flashlights for use during a power outage. Most fridges and all appliances run off of propane, and so will stay cold/hot despite a power outage.



□   Warm sleeping bag or thick blankets (we provide a bottom sheet, pillow and pillow case)

□   Bath towel and washcloth

□   Clothing for 3 days (Tshirts, long sleeves, warm top layer, shorts, pants, hiking/training shoes, swim suit—and don’t forget the rain gear!)

□  Toiletries (sunscreen, medications, bug spray if you like)

□  Flashlight or headlamp (with fresh batteries).  Lanterns are helpful during power outages.

□  Northwest Forest Pass or $20 cash for parking

□  Other: Water bottle, Let joey know if you are bringing your staff



  • Pets for overnight stays

  • Candles or fireworks – due to the fire hazard.

  • Electrical appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, or any device with a heating element – we do not have enough electricity to operate these devices.

  • Camping chairs – these will be available in your cabin.

  • Weapons and illegal drugs are prohibited.


  • 7 meals will be cooked by all of us. Breakfast Monday will be provided by the lodge

  • Groups of two will be assigned 2 meal times to be in charge of: cooking and cleaning

  • Kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator as well a gas range and stove, plates, bowls, pots, cutting boards, strainer and cutlery. The knives are pretty lousy.

  • We will meet to go over meals so we know who is bringing oil, salt etc.


  • We will set carpooling parties (and meals) 2 weeks prior to departure.

Flying Tortoise will provide the 6 extra mugs needed, strainer, some tea.  Staffs?