Steve Guest Flying Tortoise

Subak Clinic

with Master Steve Diaz

Saturday, July 27th

11:00am - 1:00pm


*100% of income will be donated to RAICES which provides low cost legal services to immigrant children, families and refugees in custody in Texas.

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Master Steve Diaz has been practicing and teaching Soo Bahk Do since 1973. He is a student of the present Grandmaster, Hwang, Hyun Chul. In 1975 he was awarded Cho Dan (1st Dan) by Soo Bahk Do's founder, Hwang Kee. He has since promoted over 60 students to this rank and has literally thousands of alumni students from programs he has taught over 46 years. A 7th Degree Black Belt, he has taught for the past 15 years in a University setting, emphasizing traditional martial art values and individual self-betterment through the training and philosophy of the art.

Workshop Description

Subak (Soo Bahk Do) is a classical Korean martial art with a unique lineage that combines indigenous Korean martial arts with Chinese kung fu such as Tai Chi. Subak is most noted for its unique use of dynamic kicking, footwork, and internal strikes. Master Diaz will teach an introductory workshop covering the basic conditioning, techniques, and philosophy of Subak. People of any experience or athletic ability are welcome.