Or Form Intention Fist

XingYiQuan is the eldest of the Internal Kung Fu styles dating back to Song Dynasty general YueFei (960-1279ce). As with many old things the history of XingYi is heavily disputed. The modern WuXing or Five Element school of XingYiQuan was creating in the 1800’s by MaXueLi and DaiLongBang.

As a fighting style XingYiQuan is characterized by aggressive short-range strikes and explosive linear movements. Though somewhat antiquated for combat the principles of generating coiling power through XingYi offer great benefits to any serious student of Chinese Internal KungFu.

 At The Flying Tortoise Academy we practice HeBei style XingYiQuan, focusing primarily on the Five Element Fists and 12 Animals Shapes under the guidance of Beijing Master ZhangXueAn.