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Instructor Fritz Rice

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Instructor Fritz Rice

Instructor Fritz Rice


Mr. Fritz Rice has practiced martial arts since an early age.  His martial adventuring has seen him mauled by Okinawan karate masters, battered by Indian lathi gurus, crushed by Mongolian wrestlers, and variously beaten by innumerable scary old Chinese men.  Since 2014 he has been intensely focused on Chinese internal martial arts.  He travels to Temple of Heaven, Beijing annually and co-wrote the non-profit mission with Josef Haber.  He currently studies under the masters of Temple of Heaven, Beijing and Master Derryl Willis.

Teaching Style

"I Teach the material the same way I understand it, analytically and experientially.  Whether through verbal explanations, illustrative exercises, or guiding students through form work, I try to impart an understanding of the underlying structures and principles of the technique.  Once we understand the what and the why, our bodies can begin to find their own path and move with less tension and fewer defects.  This changes not only the way we perform the complex and subtle movements of TaiJi or XingYi, but the kung fu-- the balance, the deftness, the strength-- of our moment-to-moment lives."


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